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Things are Not Always What They Seem

March 18, 2017 |

Ghost BoyWhen Martin Pistorius was 12 years old, he came home from school with a sore throat. Over the next two years, his mind and body shut down, until he was left a quadriplegic who could not speak.  When he was 16, his mind started coming back to life.

As Martin becomes more aware, he realizes that he has little to no control over his limbs and that he has no voice.  He tries to use signals to let everyone around him know that he is conscious and aware, but everyone assumes he is brain damaged.

Martin spends the next 10 years in his unresponsive body. His days are spent at day care facilities while his parents work.   In one facility he was repeatedly abused and had no way of telling his parents.  A new caretaker enters his life and has a hunch that Martin is aware. She convinces others around her, and they take him to be evaluated for an alternative communication device.  This evaluation opens a new and exciting world for Martin.

His courage and strength is inspiring, as is the love of his father and mother and the woman he ends up marrying.  Ghost Boy is an inspiring story of amazing perseverance through horrific trials.  Definitely worth reading or listening to on audiobook!