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A little boy changes everything

A country couple, John and Marta, wake up one morning and find a sleeping boy on their front porch .

The Boy on the PorchThey tiptoe around him, fearful waking him will frighten him, and they watch him slumber. And he sleeps. And sleeps. And sleeps. Is there something wrong?

Turns out. No.

He’s a happy, healthy boy of maybe 6 or 7. How did he get there? Where are his parents? Why isn’t he afraid? The note in his pocket says his name is Jacob and that someone will be back to get him. When? Who?

Noted author Sharon Creech unravels a lovely tale of farm life interrupted by a small child with no speech but immense musical and artistic talent, a boy who likes to ride the cow and seems to mesmerize the goats and beagle with the enchanting music he makes with the drums, guitar and harmonica for which John barters at the general store.

At heart, the story is one of compassion, of appreciating simplicity, of doing something new even if it’s scary.

How long will Jacob stay? His journey is described via short chapters packed with detail. The story is even and calm, not scary. My 9-year-old son loved it!

Along the way you meet a sheriff, his secretary, a shopkeeper, a mother, a child named Lucy and later many other children whose shoes come to symbolize the path that led them to and from John and Marta’s farm.

Check out a copy this summer!