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Cardholder Policies

Library Cards

Permanent residents of Ohio and those who own property in Ohio are eligible for a free library card.  Only one card is allowed per individual in the Clevnet system, with the exceptions of the Books2Go library card issued to youth aged 17 and under and Teacher Cards.  (See additional policies below for special cards)  Madison Public Library honors the library cards of other CLEVNET libraries for the circulation of materials. There is a $1.00 charge for replacement of a lost card.  There is no charge to replace a damaged card.

Out-of-state patrons

Madison Public Library will issue a library card with restricted borrowing privileges to patrons that live out-of-state for a $10.00 fee. The applicant must show identification containing his or her name and permanent address. The library card can only be used at Madison Public Library for items in MPL’s collection.

A patron who lives out-of-state may borrow up to five (5) library items at a time. Additional items may be charged out when previously charged items are returned. Regular loan periods, fines and fees will apply.


To apply for a library card, adults aged 18 or older must fill out an application and present valid identification and current proof of address if address is not listed on the identification. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license, state ID card, passport, and US Military ID. Acceptable proof of a current address is either a printed personal check showing the address on the application, a utility bill, or other piece of mail (dated within last 30 days) postmark received at the address shown on the application. A birthdate and signature accepting financial responsibility for borrowed materials are required for a library card.

No video games can be borrowed on the first check-out of a new card.

The signer or co-signer of an application is responsible for the return in good condition of all materials checked out on the card.  Lost materials or fines and fees incurred on a library card are the responsibility of the signer or co-signer.  A cardholder must notify the library of a lost or stolen card so a block may be placed on the number.

Every three years on the anniversary of registration, a patron will be asked to update the patron’s registration information. This involves simply verifying address information. Valid identification and current proof of address may be requested when renewing library privileges.

Children’s Library Cards

If an applicant is under the age of 18 the signature of a parent or legal guardian, to accept financial responsibility for borrowed materials, is also required. Parent or guardian must show valid identification. A minor (under 18 years of age) may apply for a library card when he or she is able to write his/her full name on the application. Until a child has reached the age of 18 years, the parent is responsible for selection of materials and fines or fees.

If the parent’s (or legal guardian’s) library card is blocked because it exceeds maximum fines, fees, over dues or items claimed returned, then no card shall be issued to a minor until the parent’s card is cleared of restrictions.

It is not the policy of the Library to decide to which ideas individual children should be exposed, therefore parents need to help their children select materials. Parents may request that a minor child may be limited from borrowing all video recordings and video games. The limit is lifted at the request of the parent or when the child reaches the age of 18 years. Requests to limit juvenile borrowing of selected media will be indicated in writing on the Library card application form.

Additionally, youth aged 17 and under may apply for one Books2Go card with borrowing privileges restricted to 2 print titles from Madison’s collection only. Youth may apply for this card without the signature of a parent or guardian.

Book2Go Cards – Adopted 11-2013

Books2Go cards provide special lending privileges for any youth 17 and younger to borrow print materials from Madison Public Library collection only. These privileges are designed to encourage youth, particularly Madison Middle and High School students, to utilize library materials for school assignments.

The youth applying for the card must be able to write his or her first and last name, know his or her birth date and a contact address and phone number. This card does not require a parent/guardian parent signature. However, cardholders may only check out two (2) print items from Madison Public Library. Cardholders are blocked from borrowing AV materials or items from other libraries within Clevnet. This card allows for access to all Clevnet databases and MPL e-services.

Cardholders do not accrue overdue fees. If materials charged out on a Books2Go card become more than three weeks overdue, the items will be assumed lost and replacement costs will be placed on the Books2Go card. All cards with $10 or more in charges against them are blocked for further activity. The cardholder will not be turned over to a collection agency for lost materials. When cardholder is 18, if there are lost materials charges, the card and the charges are purged from the system.

If at any time the parent/guardian of the cardholder wants to allow the cardholder the privileges associated with either of the two available juvenile cards (regular and no AV), the adult must come into the library to sign the appropriate library card application form.

At the library’s sole discretion, the library may revoke Book2Go loan privileges in any case where these privileges are being abused.


  • MPL Card
  • 1 card per person
  • Used only at MPL
  • 17 and younger, writing their name on “the line”
  • Youth provides name, birth date, address, telephone number, & parent/guardian name
  • No parent signature needed
  • Take 2 books at a time
  • No AV materials
  • No holds or requests
  • Books from MPL collection only
  • Card blocked at $10 in lost or damaged charges
  • Replacement card fee $1
  • Upgrade privileges at any time with parent signature
  • Access to all CLEVNET databases and MPL e-services from home

Teacher Cards & Loan Policies – Effective:  April 2007, Updated Nov. 2017

Teacher Loans are special lending privileges for any public, private, or preschool teacher; child care center; educational organization; or home schooling parent. These special privileges are designed to encourage teachers to utilize library materials in their classrooms without interfering with their personal use of the library.

    • Teachers may obtain a separate library card to check out materials intended for classroom use. This card will be kept on file at the library.
    • The loan period on a teacher card is 6 weeks for Print all materials except Juvenile Express Items which can only be borrowed for 2 weeks.
    • Teacher loan cards may be used to check out materials (except Adult Express Items), Books on CD and Cake Pans.
    • There will be no overdue fines charged on Madison Public Library materials checked out as a teacher loan. However, if these materials become more than two weeks overdue, they will be assumed lost and the teacher will be charged replacement costs. If materials become more than four weeks overdue, the teacher/cardholder will be billed for the items. If the items have not been returned by seven weeks after the due date, the account is turned over to a collection agency and a $10 collection fee will be added to the bill.
    • There may be limits on materials which cover topics in high demand (for example: holiday books) or for which our collection is limited (for example: apples).
    • Teachers or Librarians (with a Teacher’s permission) may place interlibrary loan requests to complete a teacher’s request for materials using the teacher’s personal card.
    • Items from other libraries must be checked out on the teacher’s personal card and are subject to the originating library’s circulation policies (including overdue fines and lost fees).
    • Videos and DVDs must be requested and checked out on the teacher’s personal card and will be subject to regular circulation guidelines.
    • At the library’s sole discretion, the library may revoke teacher loan privileges in any case where these privileges are being abused.


Loan Periods for Madison Public Library Materials


21 Days:                     14 Days:                     7 Days:                                   3 Days:

Most Books                 New Books                 DVDs                                      New Video Games

DVDs Sets                  Equipment                   Blu-Rays                                 New 3-Day DVDs

Blu-Ray Sets                                                   New Holdable DVDs             New 3-Day Blu-Rays

Most Video Games                                         New Holdable Blu-Rays


Compact Discs


Most Downloadable



Materials borrowed from other libraries circulate under the loan, renewal and fine policies of the owning library. Madison Public Library respects the policies of the owning library.

Renewal Policies

Most Madison Public Library items may be renewed up to three times providing there are no reserves on the items.  Items may be renewed in person at the library or on the Clevnet web catalog in the My Account section.  Renewal loans are for the same period as the original loan.

Exceptions to the renewal policy include New Books, 3 Day Dvds & Blu-Rays, New Gaming discs, Equipment, Reference materials and materials owned by other libraries.

Automatic Renewals

The system will attempt to automatically renew items one day before an item is due, however, the renewal date in the transaction will be set to the due date. This means that patrons will not “lose a day” on the loan period.

Items won’t be renewed if:

    • Another patron has placed a hold on the item.
    • The item has reached its renewal limit.
    • Patrons have a BLOCKED or BARRED status.

If an item CANNOT be renewed, patrons will receive a courtesy due soon notice (via PHONE, EMAIL, or SMSTXT). To accommodate automatic renewals, the timing for courtesy notices will be reduced from 2 days to 1 day for EMAIL and SMSTXT notification methods.

Overdue Fines & Fees

$1.00 per day –All Blu-Rays, DVDs and Video Games, Equipment, and Reference materials

$.10 per day – All other materials except children’s books

No Overdue Fines on Children’s Books

Fees Up to the Cost of Material for all unreturned or damaged materials

$10 Collection Fee if Patron is referred to collection agency for not returning library materials. (Non-waivable and non-refundable)

Overdue Fines will accumulate to a maximum of $3.00 on any item.  Patrons with fines and fees over $10.00 will be blocked from checking out additional materials.


Lost or Damaged Materials

Cardholders are responsible for the return in a complete and undamaged condition of all materials checked out on their cards.  Until a child reaches the age of 18, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for all materials and fees.

When an item is returned damaged or with parts missing, library staff will assess a fee up to the cost of the item based on the extent of the damage and the library’s cost to replace the material.

Library Notices

Library notices are delivered by Net Notice (email) or U.S. Postal Service. Some notifications are made by phone. It is the library patron’s responsibility to provide the library with up-to-date contact information.

If a patron registers for Net Notice, he will receive reminders before materials are due and when they become overdue.

When materials are 1 week overdue, the borrower will receive a reminder to return the items by mail or email.

When materials are 4 weeks overdue, the borrower will be billed by mail for the unreturned materials. The patron may return the items and pay only the overdue fees.  The patron may declare the items lost and pay only the cost of the materials.

When materials are 7 weeks overdue and the patron has made no arrangements to settle with the library, the patron’s name and balance due may be turned over to a collection agency.  A $10.00 charge will be added to the account to cover collection costs.  The collection agency will attempt to contact the patron and encourage the return of library materials and payment of fees owed.