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Cardholder Policies

Ohio residents are eligible to receive a borrower’s card free of charge. There is no charge to replace a damaged card.  The charge for a lost card is $1.

Registration includes:
Completing a library card application
Completing an envelope with current mailing address
Providing identification showing the applicant’s name and current address
Signature accepting responsibility for borrowed materials

On the day of registration, a new patron may check out up to five items including two video recordings or CD’s. The new card will be mailed to the patron’s home. Upon receipt, the patron is eligible for all regular library services.

An application for a child under the age of 18 must be co-signed by a parent or legal guardian.   A child under 18 may not check out videos and video games.  A parent can come in to sign a form to allow the child to check out videos and video games.   The parent then accepts responsibility for whatever items are checked out.

The signer or co-signer of an application is responsible for the return in good condition of all materials checked out on the card. Lost materials or fines and fees incurred on a library card are the responsibility of the signer or co-signer. A cardholder must notify the library of a lost or stolen card so a block may be placed on the number.

Every three years on the anniversary of registration, a patron will be asked to update the patron’s registration information. This involves simply verifying address information.

Loan Periods For Madison Public Library Materials

Books, magazines, CDs, recorded books and puzzles:  3 week loan & renewable
Children’s books, magazines, CDs, recorded books, puzzles – 3 week loan & renewable
DVDs, Blu-ray, and some video games – 3 week loan & renewable
NEW DVDs, Blu-ray discs and video games – 1 week loan & not renewable
Express Books – 2 week loan & not renewable

Materials borrowed from other libraries circulate under the loan, renewal and fine policies of the owning library. Madison Public Library respects the policies of the owning library.

Renewal Policies

Most Madison Public Library items may be renewed up to five times providing there are no reserves on the item. Items may be renewed in person at the library or on the Library webpage using the Renew Online link. Renewal loans are for the same period as the original loan.

Exceptions to the renewal policy include new DVDs, Reference materials and materials owned by other libraries.

Overdue Fines & Fees

$1.00 per day:   New DVDs and games on three day loans; Reference materials
$.10 per day:   All other materials except children’s books
No Overdue Fines on Children’s Books
Fees Up to the Cost of Material for all unreturned or damaged materials $10.00 fee if credit reporting is necessary to recover borrowed materials.

Overdue Fines will accumulate to a maximum of $3.00 on any item. Patrons with fines and fees over $10.00 will be blocked from checking out additional materials.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Cardholders are responsible for the return in a complete and undamaged condition of all materials checked out on their cards. Until a child reaches the age of 18, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for all materials and fees.

When an item is returned damaged or with parts missing, library staff will assess a fee up to the cost of the item based on the extent of the damage and the library’s cost to replace the material.

When materials are 1 week overdue, the borrower will receive a reminder to return the items.

When materials are 4 weeks overdue, the borrower will be billed for the unreturned materials.
The patron may return the items and pay only the overdue fees. The patron may declare the items lost and pay only the cost of the materials.

When materials are 7 weeks overdue and the patron has made no arrangements to settle with the library, the patron’s name and balance due may be turned over to a collection agency. A $10.00 charge will be added to the account to cover collection costs. The collection agency will attempt to contact the patron and encourage the return of library materials and payment of fees owed.