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Meeting Room Policies

Library activities and programs take priority in scheduling use of the rooms.

Individuals and groups may use the rooms for private meetings and to present programs for the general public. Meeting room facilities may never be used to conduct sales without prior permission of the Library Director for purposes which promote the library’s mission (such as sale of an author’s books during an author visit). Programs must meet the following conditions:

  • Must be open to all
  •  Non-profit non-commercial in nature (Items may not be sold without express permission in advance from the Library for instances that further the library’s mission, such as book sales.)
  •  Must not disrupt the normal functions of the Library.

Each group may schedule a meeting room for use up to five (5) times in any month. To allow for broad community use of the facilities, each group may have a maximum of twelve (12) meetings scheduled at any time.

Groups may not charge for meetings or programs open to the public except for a minimal fee to cover the costs of the program and approved in advance by the Library Director.

Meeting rooms must be reserved by an adult and an adult must be present when the room is in use. An adult making a room reservation assumes full responsibility for damages to the facility or equipment that occurs as a result of the group’s activities.

The library is not liable for injuries to people, damage to property or loss of property belonging to individuals or groups using the meeting room.

Groups are responsible for any clean up if refreshments are served at a meeting. A fee may be charged if a group’s use of the meeting room results in the need for repair of equipment or furnishings or if excessive cleanup is required. Imposition of the fee is at the Library Director’s discretion.

Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

The Library does not endorse the views expressed by any group or individual using its meeting rooms, but does support the right of individuals or groups to express their views as long as they abide by the policies governing behavior in the Library and use of the meeting rooms.

A group may not publicize the meeting in any way that implies sponsorship of the group’s activities by the library unless the activity is officially co-sponsored by the library. The library reserves the right to refuse use of the meeting rooms or to cancel any reservation at any time.

Use of the meeting room is free. Donations are welcome to help defray the costs of maintaining the meeting room facilities and equipment.