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Middle School Policies

Children not yet in high school are welcome to attend many different types of programs at the library open to many different age ranges. These are noted on the library program calendar.

They may arrive to attend a library program no more than 10 minutes before the start time, and someone must pick up children attending programs no more than 10 minutes after the program ends.

Programs beginning at 3 PM are immediately after school for children attending Madison Middle School.

  • These students may use a permission slip from the Madison Public Library website to attend that specific library program.
  • Permissions slips will be turned in to a library staff member the day of the event.
  • Children will meet a library staff member at the high school-side entrance to the library at the end of the school day (generally 2:45-3 pm).
  • A new permission slip must be used for each event.
  • Online permission slips are available only for programs beginning at 3 pm, if there is no permission slip available online, children and their families must arrange their own transportation to and from the library.
  • Children who leave the program for an extended period of time without prior permission of the library staff member running the program will be considered in violation of the library’s policy on unattended children.
  • Children leaving programs without permission or behaving in some way that violates the library behavior policy will incur whatever consequences the library staff deem appropriate including but not limited to being asked to leave the library immediately or being unable to attend library programs for a specified length of time.

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