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January 19, 2017 |


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UGH. No one likes moving, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. That’s how it is for Em Hayes and her family when they moved into her great-grandfather Silas’s rundown house. With her adventurous brother Navin, and worrying mother Karen tagging along, Em soon finds that her great-grandfather held many secrets like being a master robot builder, owning a walking house in another world, or the ever-so-important being the owner of a mysterious and powerful magic amulet. The Hayes are suddenly pulled into a brilliantly illustrated world influenced by both sci-fi and fantasy. In addition to adventure, themes of friendship and family become central to the plot as Navin, Karen, and a few robot buddies assist Em in her role as hero in this unknown world.

Kibuishi’s wonderful writing and amazing artwork seamlessly blend together in this graphic novel series, pushing along an ongoing adventure with questions, hints, and answers with each page leaving us wanting for more.