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Artemis Fowl

March 16, 2017 |

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Fairies exist. They dwell underground, away from the mess of the world that humans have created. It’s true. 12 year old super genius Artemis Fowl has found proof and he if he could capture one, he can restore his family’s wealth and renown. Artemis doesn’t seem like a good kid, does he? He’d agree to that and honestly, he doesn’t care.

After kidnapping Holly Short, an elf member of the Lower Elements Police Recon division (or LEPrecon… get it?), Artemis finds himself in increasingly dangerous positions between himself verses the fairies, humans versus the fairies, and the fairies versus the fairies. As always, he doesn’t care (or claims that he doesn’t) as he is more concerned with how he could will benefit from these conflicts. Sure, maybe the world above and below get saved, but more importantly… how much gold and how many fairy favors can Artemis gain for saving them?

Eight novels comprise the series with graphic novel adaptations for the first four books. In contrast to many other fantasy tales, the Artemis Fowl series takes a stronger science swing to the land of fairies and plays with the idea that sometimes the hero is selfish.