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Behind every great man there’s a great woman

April 12, 2017 |

My Life, My Love, My LegacyFrom humble beginnings came Coretta Scott King, a woman whose life spanned Jim Crow to the 21st century.

The recently released autobiography “My Life, My Love, My Legacy” is beautifully written in the late Mrs. King’s own voice as told to the Rev. Barbara Reynolds. A descendant of slaves, the Alabama native learned young the value of hard work, integrity, education and the reality of segregation.

She watched her home burn to the ground and saw her father’s business burn. Her parents instilled in her the ideal of getting up in the wake of tragedy and keeping on — a lesson that served her well through her activist life.

An accomplished musician and scholar, Mrs. King was a protective mother and active housewife before stepping into the limelight. To think that her marriage lasted only 15 years before her husband was assassinated is astounding. While so much progress has been made toward equal rights for women and people of all races regardless of sexual orientation or disability, the book reveals how much work is left to be done.

This book is Mrs. King’s story, not her husband’s. It is quiet and well paced. It is the story of strength, joy and terror.