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Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids can help build life long habits of healthy eating by developing a love for a variety of foods. Preschoolers can learn cooking basics and proper handling of foods according to the USDA guidelines. Cooking at home can save money and provide nutritious meals that kids will love, especially if they helped in the preparation. Check out these fun filled cook books for kids!

Kids are Cookin' Kids are Cookin’  One hundred all-time favorite, kid-pleasing recipes for everything from snacks drinks to entrees and desserts. These time-tested recipes are guaranteed kid pleasers, written in a kid-friendly manner to fit all occasions. Brown’s clever J. Peterman- catalog prose style makes this a cookbook that’s fun for kids to both read and cook from. Examples include: Wet Your Whistle drinks, Waker-Upper breakfasts, special snacks, lunch and dinner ideas, and Save-the-Best-for-Last desserts.

4 Ingred4 Ingredients Kidsients Kids The internationally bestselling author of the wildly popular 4 Ingredients series returns with kid-friendly, money saving, quick and easy recipes using four or fewer ingredients! Kim McCosker, the delightfully charismatic creator of 4 Ingredients Christmas and 4 Ingredients One Pot, One Bowl, applies her simple, budget-conscious approach to the art of cooking for (and with!) your little ones. Fully illustrated with gorgeous four-color photographs, 4 Ingredients Kids features eighty easy and delicious recipes designed to excite kids and encourage them to join you in the kitchen.
Think Spaghetti Cupcakes, Partysicles, Dinosaur Eggs, Pizzadillas, and Taco Popcorn. Think smiles, fun, and full tummies for even the fussiest of eaters. Think fewer ingredients, a no-hassle cleanup, and more time spent with your family. 4 Ingredients Kids is sure to become a staple for busy parents, full of dishes that your kids will ask for time and time again.

Eat Your Greens Reds Yellows and Purples  Gather your Eat your greens reds yellows and purplesingredients and get busy in the kitchen creating tasty, healthy meals with your kids with Eat Your Greens, Reds, Yellows, and Purples . With 25 delicious and simple vegetarian recipes, this healthy cookbook makes fruits and vegetables fun and delicious while teaching kids the benefits of eating healthy. Teach your kids how carrots help their vision while baking carrot and orange muffins or why peppers boost their immune system while making a red pepper hummus. Written in a friendly, positive tone that focuses on why colorful fruit and vegetables are good, Eat Your Greens, Reds, Yellows, and Purples is perfect for parents looking for a way to get their children excited about fruit, vegetables, and cooking. The delicious meals and fun facts are enough to satisfy any hungry young appetite, so reach for your reds, pick up your purples, and don’t forget to eat your greens!

The Forest Feast for Kids The Forest Feast for Kids includes the most kid-friendly favorites from The Forest Feast , along with 20 new recipes, plus ideas for kids’ parties and easy-to-follow instructions on techniques, measurements, and other helpful kitchen aides.The Forest Feast For Kids
The first children’s cookbook from New York Times bestselling author and popular food blogger Erin Gleeson, The Forest Feast for Kids serves up kid-friendly vegetarian recipes that are quick, easy, and fun to make. This cookbook showcases the rustic simplicity of the fare through vibrant colorful photography of Gleeson’s beautiful home in the woods and of children cooking the dishes themselves.
Each meal is simple and full of fresh and lively flavors that will appeal to kids. The natural beauty of Gleeson’s surroundings and the abundance of local produce serve as the inspiration for recipes such as: Pesto Pepper Pizza, Rainbow Chard Quiche, Kale Tacos, and Watermelon Smoothies.  In addition to its recipes–which span meals, party food, snacks, and beverages–this nonfiction book includes ideas for crafty table decoration, party ideas, an illustrated guide on kitchen safety, and a glossary of culinary terms.