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Could you be standing next to the love of your life?

May 1, 2017 |

miss youHave you ever caught a stranger’s eye for a moment too long and wondered, “What if…?” What if the person you’re looking for is standing right next to you, and you don’t even know it?

As teenagers, Tess and Gus meet briefly in Florence. On that day, the two eighteen-year-olds criss-cross paths before each returns to England and lives they didn’t plan. Over the course of sixteen years, each faces very different challenges in life and love. There is no way the two would meet again…until…they find each other back in Florence all those years later…

Here’s a touch of romance to usher in spring. Kate Eberlen intertwines two wonderfully distinct storylines, as the characters remain connected by proximity and circumstance, but never quite together as though divided by a screen. If only… But we get the chance to know Tess and Gus thoroughly before their timelines finally converge and they truly meet. “Sometimes the best things are staring you in the face, know what I mean?”

Miss You by Kate Eberlen