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The Create Space at the Madison Public Library is focusing on the creators in the community. Our creators are artists, crafters, and small business owners. These creators may identify with more than one of these three labels simultaneously. We have a vibrant craft community who already call the library home as well as a vibrant art community via our partnerships with Rabbit Run Community Arts Association and the Madison Local Schools. Our goals are to cater to these groups: providing tools and materials that cannot be found elsewhere in the local community; leveraging economies of scale allowing expensive items to be owned and used by the larger community via the library; further growing the supportive, collaborative environment of creators that use the library as a gathering place.

This Create Space will also allow patrons transform their lives at the library through exploring their creative passions for personal enjoyment or to create items to sell outside the library. Other similar spaces in libraries have become havens to the Etsy and craft show vendor communities and ours will not be any different. In an economy where many people are looking for jobs, the library’s create space is a unique opportunity for the unemployed or under employed to create a viable source of income with equipment that they could not purchase on their own. A vibrant local economy is not only good for the library it is essential for the future of the library in uncertain economic times.

Click here to view the general guidelines to use the CreateSpace@MPL.

Click here to view the current costs to use the CreateSpace@MPL.

What is Currently Available:

Laser Engraver: The CreateSpace has one Full Spectrum Laser Hobby Series 20” x 12” 40-watt Laser Engraver. Engrave materials up to 20″ x 12″ in size and cut through select materials up to 1/4” thick using the CreateSpace laser. Wood, leather, and rubber can all be cut and engraved using our laser unit. Painted or anodized metals, glass, marble, tile, and stone can be engraved as well. At the moment, we do not cut or engrave acrylic or any plastics. A list of permitted materials to cut and etch on the laser engraver is available at the library or on the library website. Please call 440-428-2189 ext. 1 for more information on approved materials.

A $7/30-minute design fee will be assessed per project if graphics are not properly prepared for use with the engraver. A recovery fee will be charged per item to cover the cost of the environmental consumables and laser. It is $10/item for natural materials (wood, cardboard, leather, fabric, and rubber) and $5/item for all other materials.

SLA 3D Printer: The CreateSpace has one Full Spectrum Laser Pegasus Touch SLA 3D Printer. Build models up to 7″x7″x8″ in volume using Laser based stereolithography resin technology. Stereolithography (SLA) printers create hard plastic parts and prototypes. A laser traces a design onto liquid resin, curing it and building the part or prototype layer by layer. Compared to fused-filament fabricator (FFF) printers, SLA printers build parts quicker, produce smoother surfaces (up to 25 microns), and build more complex designs.

Persons wanting to use the 3D printer must provide their own graphics file (in .stl, .obj, or .thing file format) (no larger than 25MB) to the library during open hours. Library staff will add the model to the printing queue.

Printing may take several hours to complete, and the queue is based on staff availability. Library staff may adjust graphics for safety or clarity but will not design graphics for patrons. Because of inherent limitations with equipment, the Madison Public Library does not guarantee that any 3D model will print successfully. The Library may refuse to print 3D models that clearly contain errors or that are, as determined by Library staff, beyond the capabilities of the Library’s equipment. The Library may refuse to reprint the object after two unsuccessful attempts. The cost of failed prints due to errors within the 3D model and 3D models that are beyond the equipment’s capabilities may be charged to the patron.

A $7/30-minute design fee will be assessed per project if graphics are not properly prepared for use with the 3D printer. A $.15 recovery fee will be charged per milliliter of resin to cover the cost of the consumables and laser. This cost will include all required support structure deemed necessary for the 3D object. Library staff will inform the patron of the expected cost at the time of project consultation.

Mayku Vacuum Former: Want to make custom creations? Our vacuum former is the perfect way to make unique candy or soap molds, candle holders and more! This technology formerly was used only in industrial settings. Now you can use it to create unique things.




Large-Format Inkjet Printer: Have a BIG print job? Well, we have a BIG printer! Our large-format printer can handle jobs up to 36 inches wide and as tall as you need them to be. We also can print on your paper if you have poster stock or special paper. Bring us your images on a flash drive, and we can determine how well they will scale to large sizes. Better yet, contact us first! We also can ballpark what the cost will be. 440-428-2189






The Accucut saves time by allowing multiple sheets of paper to be cut into a variety of shapes and letters. It also has capability to cut single sheets of polyfoam and felt one at a time.

The patented roller design makes cutting fast and easy without straining your hands. The roller pressure is pre-set so each cut is as easy as the first. Simply turn the handle and roll through as many as two dies in a single pass.

The Cricut Expression cuts paper and vinyl using cartridges with a range of shapes from simple to intricate. These pieces can then be further resized in the built in screen interface on the Cricut. The library has a selection of cartridges that can be checked out and used on the machine, or you can bring your own cartridges to use.

The Cricut Explore Air uses digital cartridges linked to a personal Cricut account. Its main interface is within a web browser, allowing for editing a project anywhere – even mobile devices! Even more exciting is the ability to upload custom images and patterns to be cut out perfectly.


The Cricut Maker: It handles fabrics, leather, paper, and balsa wood with effortless precision. Cuts sewing patterns in just a few clicks. And places more creative possibilities than ever at your fingertips. Cricut Maker quickly and accurately cuts over 300 hundred materials, from the most delicate paper and fabric to the tough stuff like matboard, leather, and basswood. Now your creative potential is exponential.

There is no cost to use the Cricuts. Call ahead to be sure the equipment is available. If you need a tutorial on using the Cricut machines, please call to make sure a staff member is available to demonstrate. You need to bring your own paper for the tutorial.
The Cricut Explore Air & Cricut Maker require a computer and a Cricut account. Laptops can be checked out from the library but a patron must have their own Cricut Account.

Create custom 2-1/3” buttons in seconds with the Button Maker press.

Buttons are a great way to promote your projects or businesses. They can be used to create a following for your group or to show pride by wearing a picture of your child or grandchild. Buttons can be used for website/social media promotion or even as a calling cards or business cards. But the most important thing?  People just like buttons! The cost to make each button is $0.25.  Call ahead to verify the equipment is available. If you need a tutorial on using the button machine, please call to make a staff member available to demonstrate for you.

Cold Laminators for letter and legal sized documents.

The library has 2 cold laminators for letter and legal-sized documents. Cold laminators use an aggressive adhesive, coupled with high pressure rollers for bonding quality.  The process requires no heat, eliminating smells, messes and warm-up time. Cold laminators are perfect for posters, displays, mock-ups, signs, advertisements, POP displays, presentation boards and more.

The cost is $.05 per inch for lamination.  Call ahead to be sure there is a staff member available to process your lamination.

Hot Laminators:

Pouch Laminator
Create a lasting impression. Extend the life of your most important documents, handouts and photos through lamination.

    • Letter/Legal – $1
    • 3×5 – $.50
    • Business Cards – $.25

24″ Roll Laminator
Protect and preserve all your educational and professional documents including charts, posters, maps, newspaper clippings, teaching aids, children’s drawings and more!

    • The cost is $.05 per inch for lamination.  Call ahead to be sure there is a staff member available to process your lamination.

Sewing Machine:

Hem, mend, quilt – you can do it all on the library’s sewing machine! Just show us your library card, and you can use our machine in the library. We even have an iron and ironing board to keep your hemlines straight. Not sure what to sew? Check out our sewing books too.


General Guidelines

CreateSpace@MPL users must have a library card and a signed equipment waiver.

  • Patrons wanting to use the Create Space must come to the public services desk to check-out desired equipment.
  • Staff is available to assist in explaining operation of tools and equipment, and will make available upon request materials such as manuals if they are available.
  • Patrons with disabilities who need special arrangements or accommodations are requested to notify staff as far in advance as possible before their expected time of use.
  • Projects and materials may be subject to approval by staff prior to use of machinery.
  • Tools and equipment are available to makers on a first come, first served basis and may not be available if in use for patron training by a learning coach. Please call ahead for machine availability.
  • The library does not accept responsibility if a project is destroyed, does not print correctly, or does not work.
  • Use of the Create Space is free. Use of some equipment and materials, however, may be subject to a fee.
  • Some machines require the creator to bring in his/her own materials for use. Staff must approve all user-supplied materials before they are used on equipment, to reduce risk of damage to equipment or harm to users within the create space.
  • All equipment available in the Create Space must stay within the library.
  • The library will not refund any monies paid out for consumable material, in the event that a project is not completed to the creator’s satisfaction.

Create Space Behavior Expectations

  • Madison Public Library’s Behavior, Technology, and Unattended Child policies apply to the Create Space.
  • If a creator sees that any tool or piece of equipment is unsafe or in a state of disrepair, the creator must immediately discontinue use of the tool and notify MPL staff.
  • The creator must report any accident or incident that occurs in the Create Space to a staff member.
  • If you see unsafe behavior by anyone, please let staff know.
  • Tools used must be returned by the creator to their original location in a clean state. The workspace also needs to be cleaned before the creator leaves.
  • The creator agrees that MPL is not responsible for any manufacturing defects or the quality or workmanship of any of the tools, materials or equipment supplied by MPL, or for the quality or condition of a user’s project.
  • The creator agrees to take precautions to avoid causing unnecessary mess or damage in the Create Space or to equipment.
  • The creator (or, if a minor, his parent or guardian) is responsible to pay any charges or fees for use of equipment, material and supplies provided by the library, and for all loss or damage to library property or clean-up expense. The library is not responsible for any damage to, or loss or theft of, the creator’s property.
  • Creators must save their work on an external memory source — external hard drive, CD, DVD, or flash drive.
  • It is the responsibility of the creator to delete and/or remove any files (digital or print) from the library equipment in the Create Space. The library is not responsible for equipment or files (digital or print) left behind by creators.
  • Creators may not use the Create Space equipment to create any object (s) that:
    • is unlawful, threatening, abusive, obscene, or racially or ethnically objectionable;
    • is intended to physically harm, or attempt to harm, an animal or person in any way;
    • infringes upon a patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party unless consent from the rights-owner has been obtained. The Copyright law of the United States governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.

Tool and Material Donation Guidelines

Madison Public Library accepts new or gently used donations of the following items:

  • Tools in clean and good working condition
  • Consumable material that is relevant to programs being offered in the space

Donations are greatly appreciated. Staff reserves the right to decline donations as well as remove those that no longer support Createspace activities.

Create Space Costs:

   BUTTON MAKING 0.25/button
   24″ Hot Roll Lamination  .05/inch
  Ledger Pocket Hot Lamination $2 per pocket
  Letter/Legal Pocket Hot Lamination $1 per pocket
  3×5 Pocket Hot Lamination $.50 per pocket
  Business Card Pocket Hot Lamination $.25 per pocket
   Cricut Cutting  Free
   AccuCut Cutting  Free
  3D printer .15/Milliliter
  Laser engraving natural materials $10/item
  Laser engraving other materials $5/item
  Vacuum molding plastic‎ sheet $1.50 per sheet
  Large-format printing Call for Price.