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Library Services for Teachers

Assignment Alert

Assignment Alert lets the Madison Public Library know in advance when you and your students will need materials for class assignments. Click here to submit an Alert.

Teacher Totes

A Teacher Tote is a Librarian-selected collection of youth books and other library materials relating to one subject. Totes are designed to supplement textbooks and enrich curriculum. It is our goal that through this service, learning will be enhanced and both teacher and students will become more aware of what the public library has to offer. Click here to request a Tote.

Teacher Cards

Teachers may obtain a separate library card to check out Madison Public Library materials intended for classroom use. This card will be kept on file at the library.

The loan period on this type of card is 6 weeks with up to 5 additional renewals if the material is not requested by  someone else.  This means teachers could potentially use library materials in their classrooms for over 140 days! These items are not subject to overdue fines, but card holders will be billed for lost or damaged items.

Classroom Book Sets

The Library has book sets that we have available for you to check out to use in your classroom. These are primarily class sets of at least 20 books. Click here for a full list of what is available. If you need something specific for your class please contact the library @ 440-428-2189 or email us at info@madison-library.info.

Other Services Available To Teachers

  • Have a librarian come to your classroom to teach your students about library apps and/or databases. (The library offers a virtual option of this service!)
  • Schedule your class to visit the library to check out materials or receive instruction on library services.
  • Have a librarian do a book talk or tell a story either in your classroom or bring your class to the library. (The library offers a virtual option of this service!)
  • Have a librarian provide behind-the-scenes tours of the library to your students.

eServices for Teachers