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Handcrafted Holds

Handcrafted Holds is a new service the library is offering. We want to get great books into the hands of busy adults who want to read but don’t have time to browse our shelves or who need help finding new authors to fall in love with. Select a genre or type of books you like to read. Each month, you will have a collection of four books waiting for you to check out. Whether you read all of them or only one, the next month you get four new books.

We are still selecting the genres we will have available. Have a suggestion? Let us know. We are slowly rolling this service out, and we need more people to sign up. The projected start date is late winter or early spring 2019.


We are offering these collections currently:

Mystery – a mix of all types of mysteries

Cozy Mystery – mystery stories that typically take place in small communities where the violence is minimal and the story focuses on the characters within the community as well as the mystery to solve

Thriller – suspenseful stories have a lot of adventure and intrigue, but there may or may not be an actual mystery involved

Graphic Novel – stories told in format that combines words and illustration

Inspiration – faith-based stories

Amish – faith-based stories where the main characters are Amish

Romance – stories of the romantic love and relationship between two people

Hot & Steamy – stories of intense desire between two people

SciFi – stories of technological advances or the future possibly on other planets

Fantasy – stories often include at least one unrealistic element like mythical creatures or supernatural characters

Horror – stories of the truly evil

Biographies – the real life histories of people

Something New for Dinner – cookbooks of various types of food

True Crime – stories of real crimes that have occurred