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Lessons of Value

October 11, 2016 |


In the thick of raising children it is easy to forget that every moment is a teachable moment. From the moment they wake up till their head hits the pillow children are observing and soaking in information with all of their senses. But sometimes we are so caught up with living it is easy to let teachable moments slip by. What you value and how you use your money is a topic that is easily overlooked until your child is in the store screaming “I WANT THAT!” Before confronted with such a scenario, trips to the bank, ATM, or store can be teachable moments about money, how it is used and even where it comes from.

Don’t put off for tomorrow what a few good books can do for you today! As you explore the topic of money with your preschooler, stop by the library and check out our Interactive Play Space Play Pack and have a good round of creative play with our Grocery Store. Preschoolers can easily learn the names of coins and grasp an early concept of commerce by exchanging play money for goods.

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For a light-hearted look at the shopping experience check out these books. Click on the book to place a hold.

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