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Madison History

A Brief History of Madison Township:   A brief history of the early settlement of Madison Township from the 1935 Directory of Madison

Circuit Preachers:  Circuit Preachers in this part of Ohio from 1812

Deed to Madison Public Square:  A copy of the deed to Madison Public Square, taken from an old Township Record Book

Early History of Madison   The account was prepared by Antionette Walding Stanton to be read at a Homecraft Club meeting in June of 1966

Elisha Wood’s Tannery  Written in approximately 1953, includes information on many other Madison businesses; Madison tannery, monument works, blacksmith shop, onion barrell maker, and hotels

Excerpts from a paper by General Abel Kimball, 1880

H.H. Roe & Company, Manufacturers of Cheese Vats, Madison, OH

History by A. Kimball:  General History of the Township by General Abel Kimball, March 4, 1880

History of Madison Churches  Prepared by Msis Violet Crandall (Taken from the Madison Press; April 10, 1953)

History of Madison Schools   A brief history of the schools in Madison Township

History of the Dock Road  Arcola Creek area, Madison Township, Ohio, 1795-1863, by Sue Orris

Indenture of Hiram Bottom:  From Book #1 of Madison Township Records – page 127

Index for “The Times,”  a Madison Historical Society Publication

Names of Householders in Various School Districts in Madison Township – March 1930

Madison Earliest Days:  1798-1826 by Charlotte Hall Kellogg (Given before the fortnightly Club, February 1922)

Madison Industries From 1800 to 1953:  Madison Press, March 20, 1953, reported in paper by Lettie Ross

Madison Village Houses:  A listing of Madison’s oldest houses

Religious History of the Township, by William Hendry

Shipbuilding at Madison Dock:  A History of shipbuilding in Madison and Lake County

True Pioneer Stories:  Stories from Madison’s pioneer past