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Mars Evacuees

November 18, 2016 |

Mars EvacueesMars Evacuees  by Sophia McDougall

Alice Dare’s mother is a hero in the war against the Morrors, aliens who have invaded Earth and are freezing the planet solid. Alice is sent with a select group of kids to recently-terraformed Mars for combat training and to keep them safe. Mars, now terraformed, is where you could only “SORT OF” breathe the air and “SORT OF” not get sunburned to death. On the bright side, Alice has made a friend in super-smart Josephine and she’s getting used to Mars’ gravity and the “SORT OF”s.

Suddenly, all of the adults disappear, and the training facility turns into a battle field with dwindling resources. The odds not in the kids favor.  It’s up to Alice and a few other stalwarts to travel across the planet in the hopes of finding help at another human outpost.  The bad news?  It turns out the Morrors are the least of Earth’s worries.