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More Lorelai and Rory? Yes, please!

March 8, 2017 |

Talking As Fast As I CanSo, there’s new talk this week about even more Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix. For Gilmore Girls devotees, this is a big deal! (Excuse me while I do my happy dance.)

For everyone else, Gilmores who? Sorry. (But if you want to see what all the chatter’s about, it is available in the library on DVD).

The series, which ran on The WB and later The CW from 2000 to 2007, was revived last year in a four-part “A Year in the Life” series of four 90-minute mini-movies on Netflix.

This prompted me to realize one of the stars of the show, Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai Gilmore the teen-mom-turned-mom-of-teen has written both a novel and a biography.

Both books are fun. The biography, “Talking As Fast As I Can,” captures Graham’s life from her childhood through today with a heavy focus on her time span between the Gilmore Girls series and its reboot, which includes her time on the fan favorite show “Parenthood.”

Her novel, “Someday Someday Maybe” is a semi-autobiographical tale of the fictitious hopeful actor Franny Banks who is waiting Manhattan tables while awaiting her big break. If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, both books are worth a read or listen (they’re available as audio books and in print).