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New Year, New Books

January 9, 2018 |

How about starting the new year with a look at some new picture books with your child? Click on the book to place a hold.

Dog on a Frog? by Kes and Claire Gray. “You know the rules,” said cat. “Cats sit on mats, frogs sit on logs, and dogs sit on FROGS !” “Well, I’m changing the rules,” said the frog. In this hilarious sequel to Frog on a Log? , frog decides that he does not want to sit on a log, and he definitely does not want a dog to sit on a frogDog on a Frog?! So he changes the rules. Now, dogs sit on logs , and cats sit on gnats ! But what will frog decide to sit on now?
Chock-full of absurd animal rhyme pairings, Dog on a Frog? shows young readers that every animal has many special places to sit. Reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Books, this sequel is a fun, educational read-aloud story that helps build reading skills!



Tool School by Joan Holub. Meet five little tools who love to learn, with big ideas and energy to burn! Get ready young builders to twist and turn with laughter! Join a hammer, screwdriver, tape measurer, saw, and pair of pliers on their first day of school. Together, they make puzzles and play games, but when it’s time to build something it’s suddenly every tool for itself. WorkingTool School alone, each tool soon realizes that to make something great all need to cooperate! Young children will love the irresistible bold artwork and fun rhyming text as they learn that a little teamwork can make a big difference. Tool School introduces some of the most basic household tools, and cool tips explain how to successfully use them with the help of a grown-up!

The Very Very Very Long Dog  The Very Very Very Long Dog by Julia Patton

“Oh, Bartelby!”

Bartelby is a very long and lovable dachshund who lives in a bookstore. He has a lovely set of friends who take him for walks through the city, but he has no idea that his bumbling backside leaves a trail of destruction and accidents behind him. Embarrassed that he has no control over his back end, Bartelby vows to never leave the cozy bookstore again. Can his friends help him find a way to help himself?

This beautifully illustrated picture book features silly fun along with an important message: that we love our friends not in spite of their flaws, but because of them.

Big Words for Little Geniuses by Susan and James Patterson. There’s no “gobbledygook” in this clever, New York Times bestselling picture book by James and Susan Patterson, with each letter of the alphabet providing a sophisticated word and definition for “Lilliputian” children to learn. Adults will appreciate the “juxtaposition” of young kids properly using impressive words that many grownups may not have heard of before! Includes a list of extra words in the back for further learning.
Delightfully whimsical artwork by artist Hsinping Pan brings these big words to life, making this early foray into learning fun for all.
Big Words for Little Geniuses