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On Sandwiches and Dungeons

May 18, 2017 |

White bread is the classic bread. Almost all of us have had it at some point and for a lot of people it’s the go to bread for sandwich making. But then one day, we try a turkey on wheat or a Reuben on rye1 and the reality as we know it is completely shattered at the revelation of how good other breads are!

This is how the world of tabletop roleplaying games is (I’ll be referring to these as RPGs from here on out); we have all heard of Dungeons and Dragons (or D&D) and for many tabletop gamers, it’s our basic game system for all of our sandwich RPG needs. For a lot of tabletop gamers, this is the only system or the system we fall back on because it’s familar – it’s safe. But there are many more varieties to RPGs than just D&D such as Dungeon World.

Cover image for Dungeon world

Look, it even still has the word “Dungeon” in it!

In Dungeon World, one person takes on the role of Game Master (or GM). The GM knows (or tries to give off the impression that that know) everything in the story that they are trying to narrate. He or she is also in charge of the interactions between the players of the game and the various monsters and non-playable characters that may be encountered. These roles of GM and players spans almost all RPGs. What separates Dungeon World from Dungeons and Dragons is the very quick and streamlined system for character creation and very loosey-goosey way of interpreting dice rolls. Here’s an example.

I am Felix and I am a thief. I want to climb up that statue to stea.. uh.. take a look at those gems that it has for eyes. The GM then asks me to roll to see how successful I am at climbing that statue. On a roll of 10 or more, I succeed and it’s fantastic and those gems are mi– gonna be looked at! But if I roll a result of 7-9… I mean, I get up there yeah… but something happens like my shoe falls off or I accidentally knock one of the gems off the statue all the way to the floor. If I get a 6 or less… well… usually I don’t succeed but it’s up to the GM what happens and it will very likely be bad.

This allows for a very fast and dynamic way of interactive storytelling that’s fun for both the narrator and the players.

That sounds pretty fun doesn’t it?

Come on in and grab Dungeon World for yourself!2

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1 – Are you eating a Reuben on not rye?! I don’t think we can be friends anymore. Wait, no. If you’re enjoying it, then I guess you’re entitled to your own taste.

2 – And when you assemble your friends to play this, make sure you all bring snacks like sandwiches and chips and plenty of caffeinated beverages.