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Paint Yourself Calm

November 16, 2016 |

“…..when I paint, I feel different.  ….I can change my mood or feel calm simply by moving a brush.
Over the years I have learnt that painting is therapeutic.  It calms the soul.”  ~ Jean HainesJean Haines

Jean Haines takes a gentle, no-fear approach to watercolor painting that is very refreshing. She says – and I  agree – that people learning to paint are too preoccupied with results, with producing something worthy of framing, and when their efforts fall short, they want to give up.  Rather than an instructional book, Paint Yourself Calm is more about how to interact with the act of painting.  She gives  some basic exercises  designed for experimenting and simple enjoyment.  She shows us that moving a brush gently and watching as pigment glides across paper is one of the most peaceful activities you can enjoy, and that we can “leap into a private world where nothing else exists.”

Paint Yourself Calm will make you excited to pick up a brush and paper again – with no goal beyond the joy of painting itself.