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Photo Show

17th ANNUAL  PHOTOGRAPHY  SHOW at Madison Public Library

Sponsored by Friends of Madison Public Library


DESCRIPTION:  The 17th Annual Madison Public Library Photography Show is open to all community members, of any age, living in Madison and surrounding areas.

The show is designed as a fun way to show off those great, creative photos you take each year.

THEME:  “Build a Better World!”

Show us a picture of how you are ‘building a better world.’  Your beautiful flower garden, you planting a tree, you being kind or helpful, cleaning the beach, feeding the birds, building a birdhouse, recycling, etc. are all example of how you help ‘build a better world.’


PHOTOGRAPHS MUST BE:  4” x 6” to poster size

Matted, framed or mounted on stiff paper

Labeled with title and photographer’s name on the back

Accompanied with an entry form

Delivered to Madison Public Library, 6111 Middle Ridge Road,

on September 20-23 during regular library hours.

Picked up from the library on Oct. 31 – Nov. 6


PHOTOGRAPHERS:  May enter up to two (2) photographs (No Entry Fee)

(If a series of already framed photos are entered please mark

the photograph or photographs that are to be entered.)

Are invited to the Photo Show Reception Monday, Oct. 30 at 6:30pm


PHOTOGRAPHS WILL BE:  Displayed at the library – October 2–30

and judged by library patrons – October 2 – 24              

Winners will be announced Oct. 25.

Prizes will be awarded Oct. 30 at about 7:00pm at the Photo Show Reception!

CATEGORIES:       Best of Show       Most Creative        Best People       Most Action        Best Animals

LIABILITY:  Security at Madison Public Library is good, and all reasonable care will be taken in the handling of all entries.  However, all works will be delivered, handled, and exhibited at the photographer’s risk.  Neither the Library nor Friends of Madison Public Library will assume responsibility for works in transit or on display.