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Preschool Storytime Fall Favorites

September 13, 2016 |

Fall is nature in all her glory! Trees display their colors with the lessening of daylight, as they were created to do, but for one tree this is no easy task. Fall is not Easy by Marty Kelley is the delightful plight of a tree who just cannot get the right effects for its foliage. Children will be delighted as they are walked through the progression of a tree changing its leaves from season to season. Click on the cover to place a hold on this book.

Fall Is Not Easy

Preschoolers intrigued with nature will enjoy Swirl by Swirl Spirals in Nature by Joyce Sidman, which lauds the strength and cleverness of the spiral shape found in the natural world. This book is a wonderful introduction to the concept of swirl patterns identifiable in nature and common enough for young children to recognize. Click on the cover to place a hold on this book.Swirl by Swirl Spirals in Nature