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Players’ Journal: Locations and People

November 18, 2019 |

Locations and People

These locations and people have been encountered by at least one of the adventuring groups at MadisonPL.



Flanaess, Sheldomar Valley, Kingdom of Keoland, Viscounty of Salinmoor

Population: Approx. 5,000 (Mostly human)

Government: Council

It would be an understatement to say that this town has been through a lot. While the kingdom was busy failing attempting to expand northward, this small fishing settlement was victim to many pirate attacks… So after a whole lot of making treaties and building a navy (docked at Seaton), the kingdom dealt with the pirates and set their eyes on Saltmarsh to be host to new enterprises. Now Saltmarsh is supposedly on the road to becoming the kingdom’s entry into trade on the Azure Sea. Heck, King Skotti even sent some dwarves here to prospect the cliffs in the area. I guess they’ve already found some silver. We’ll see how it goes.


      • The Council

        • Eda Oweland – head of the council, grew up in Saltmarsh
        • Gellan Primewater – senior member of the council, owns a shipping business, throws lavish parties for the town
        • Eliander Fireborn – military veteran sent by the king to oversee developments in Saltmarsh
        • Manistrad Copperlocks – owner of the mining company sent by the king to Saltmarsh, inducted into the council to represent the new population of dwarves
        • Anders Solmor – youngest and newest member of the council, inherited a fleet of ships
      • Captain Xendros – a tiefling representative from Iuz
      • Hanna Rist – owner of the Snapping Line tavern
      • Keledek – bald wizard from who knows where
      • Kreb Shenker – owner of the Empty Net tavern
      • Ned – found tied up in the Alchemist’s House
        • NPC in most of the games
        • Player Character in Experience Points Team B


Abandoned Alchemist’s House

Old Man Jenkins, in his infinite wisdom, has been spreading tales that the old Alchemist’s House up on the hill east of town is host to two things: Treasure and ghosts. Given the weird sounds and lights that have been coming from that place as of late, many of us have chosen to accept the old man’s words. Of course, we’re all smart enough to know not to go messing with that sort of thing.

Council Hall

Official council business happens here. Obviously. Like trials… and stuff.

Eliander’s House

Eliander Fireborn lives here with his huge library.

The Empty Net

Our more… seedier citizens come here when they need to wet their whistle. It’s a good place to find a lasting tale from the lips of sailors.

The Faithful Quartermasters of Iuz

Need something magical? You’re not gonna find it at the Green Market or Docks, I’ll tell you that. Look for Captain Xendros, she’ll get you the hook up that you need.

Green Market

A strip of open land that is the place for everything that isn’t fish, salt, or nautical wares, this market stretches among a dozen stalls down to the bridge. A few goats, eggs, cloth, marsh plants, and pots are available, as well as the occasional mule or ox for hauling carts.

Keledek Tower

Wizard’s tower. He doesn’t leave the tower much.

Sharkfin Bridge

This bridge has been around since before the kingdom even came to be. So it’s really, really old. A few of my elf friends say that this bridge gives them anxiety.

The Snapping Line

This tavern is built from decommissioned ships. You can still smell the saltwater in the wood. It’s a bit tacky but a good tourist attraction with your run of the mill food and beds.