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Spring has Sprung!

What does Baby see? Who is  tweeting in the tree? Look! It’s baby robins! Babies and toddlers will love looking under the flaps to see all that baby will discover on this spring day walk!

One bright day, Mouse and Momma head outside to play.
The wind blows in something
feathery and plump —
a bird,
and something
wiggly and pink —
a worm,
and something
green, who hops and leaps —
a frog.
But before it’s time to go back inside, Mouse finds something that’s
soft and new with petals…
the prettiest flower he’s ever seen!
Could it mean spring is finally here?


A baby bear cub named Maurice is curious about spring–and he’s upset when Mama tells him that before he can experience his first spring, he has to hibernate through his first winter! Mischievous Maurice decides to leave their warm den and go find spring for himself. He asks all his friends for help . . . and finally finds something beautiful and full of magic and light. Spring! He wraps it up and takes it home, determined to show Mama and everyone else. The only problem? When Maurice wakes up, his little piece of spring (a snowball) has melted. This gloriously illustrated book celebrates friendship, curiosity, discovery, and the meaning and beauty of two seasons–winter and spring.