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Stuart’s Cape

October 18, 2016 |

Stuart's CapeIf you know a child who is struggling with confidence (or if you’re in need of a giggle), consider sharing the book “Stuart’s Cape” by Sara Pennypacker. (Also, if you’re a fan of toast, you’ll enjoy this book. At one point the main character actually makes a bed out of a giant piece of magical warm buttered toast!)

It’s a great read-aloud early chapter book about a third-grader named Stuart who has moved to a new town and will start at a new school. Stuart has some major concerns — Will he be the shortest one in third grade? Will he make any friends? Will he find the restroom?

So he decides one special thing will help turn his worries into a great adventure — a cape! Everyone with a cape has adventures, right?

The book’s illustrations by Martin Matje are enchanting, displaying the unconventional nature of Stuart’s family (he has an aunt named Bubbles, for one) and the meddling tendencies of the family cat (named One Tooth, of course).