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The Kingkiller Chronicle

February 16, 2017 |

This is the story in three parts.

In the first part, The Name of the Wind, we meet Kvothe and he’s that guy. He can do it all. Whether it be song, magic, or even thievery, Kvothe can learn to do it. The worst (best?) part? He’s aware that he can be “the hero” and it is with this awareness that allows Rothfuss to show us all of the familiar fantasy tropes from a different angle. Kvothe’s overconfidence in his own abilities reveals all of his flaws suCover image for The name of the windch as his impatience or his inability to see when someone finds him attractive. Following a horrifying experience, Kvothe finds himself alone in the wilderness with only a lute. He soon finds himself in the company of beggars and thieves in a large city, barely living for several years before he decides to head to university– magic university. Of course, he’s too young and too poor, but he knows for a fact that he can get in. But can he handle the student loans?

Cover image for The wise man's fearIn the second part, The Wise Man’s Fear, Kvothe continues to be that guy with only a smidgen more wisdom. He leaves the college to find more meaning but what’s left for the guy who knows and can do everything? A lot, apparently. From dealing with mercenaries and the nobility to otherworldly beings and the arduous task of courting a lass, Kvothe finds himself often in over his head but determined to succeed.

We wait with bated breath to see what happens in the third part. To tide us over while we wait is The Slow Regard of Silent Things which tells the story of one of Kvothe’s most mysterious of friends, Auri and her life in the tunnels underneath The University.Cover image for The slow regard of silent things